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2010 Olight High Performance Flashlights Gift Set


2010 Olight High Performance Flashlights Gift SetOlight M20S (CREE S2 LED), TC15 SS (CREE S2 LED), Mini Titanium AAA S2 Model (CREE S2 LED), and Accessories. FAMILY 1th – M20SFeaturesUses the Cree XLamp XP-G S2 Cool WhiteUses 2 x CR123A / 2 x RCR123A / 2 x 16340 / 1x 18650 / 1 x 17670 batteries Dimensions Length140mm (5.5”) Bezel Diameter33.5mm (1.3”) Body Diameter24.80mm (0.98”)Main Specifications of the New Models Max 280 meters/ 306 yards/ 918 feet long throwThree digitally controlled constant brightness levels and strobe. 5 lm (600hrs)-115 lm (12hrs)-340 lm (4hrs); ??????????????????Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III Hard Anodization Cutting-edge reverse polarity to protect the circuit if put wrong battery.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Mil-specMIL-STD-810F Highly Water resistant???????????????????????? Battery Magazine to prevent from 2 x CR123A batteries rattling in the battery tube Operation Turn On/Off The Powerpressing the tail cap switch will turn on/off the power Switch modepressing the side switch when power-on cycles modes through low, medium, high, strobe Direct Strobe Accesspressing the side button when power-off activates strobe mode directlyStandard accessories:2 x O-ringsHolsterLanyardBattery magazine Rubber bootPocket clip Smooth ringFAMILY 2nd – TC15 SSFeatures:LED TypeCree XLamp XP-G S2 MaterialsStainless steel FinishPolish ReflectorOrange peel reflector LensAnti-shattering ultra clear lens Water and Dust Resistant to IP68 SwitchForward Tail Switch???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Mil-spec MIL-STD-810F FunctionTwo output levels and strobe, High 125 lumens (70 minutes) ->Strobe 10hz (140 minutes)??->-Low 52 lumens (140 minutes) Battery Type1 X AA Alkaline batterySize and WeightL 98.9mm (3.89’’) x D 21.6mm (0.85’’), 102g(3.6oz) (excluding battery) Operation:Press the tail switch to turn on/off the light Gently press the tail switch when light on and release it within 1 second, light will enter into next mode. The cycle return is high, strobe then low Auto-memorize functionthe light will enter into the mode you used last time automatically FAMILY 3rd – Mini Titanium AAA S2 ModelFeatures:LED TypeCree XLamp XP-G S2 Cool WhiteMaterialsTitanium Alloy FinishPolish ReflectorOrange peel reflector LensAnti-shattering ultra clear lens Water and Dust Resistant to IP68 SwitchTwisting head Switch Mil-spec MIL-STD-810F FunctionThree output levels; Low 4 lumens (700 minutes) ->Medium 30 lumens (105 minutes) ->-High 95 lumens (50 minutes) Battery Type1 x AAA, 1 x Rechargeable NiMh AAA, or 1 x 10440 (Due to the small body size, 10440 batteries are not recommended since it may cause the light becoming hot very quickly)??????Size and WeightL 69.3mm (2.73’’) x D 14mm (0.55’’), 23.2g (0.82oz)(excluding battery)Operation:Turn head clockwise (tighten) to turn on light, loosen head to turn offLoosen then tighten the light head within two seconds will switch modes while light is on. Light will enter default low mode after two seconds of being off

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