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20W HID Ultra High Power Rechargeable Flashlight


Untitled DocumentThe Most Powerful HID Flashlight on the Earth:This Tenergy 20W HID Rechargeable Flashlight is the most powerful flashlight in its class. It illuminates targets with true white light making objects easier to see due to better contrast of colors and higher lumens. This powerful HID rechargeable flashlight is produced with the most efficient metal halide HID lamps, sometimes referred to as xenon lights. HID lamps produce light much like an electric arc welder by supplying electricity between two electrodes, controlled by an electronic ballast. Metal Halide lamps (HID) produce whiter light (higher kelvin temperature) than regular flashlights which are high in the Red color spectrum. The beam produced from HID is brighter, (producing more lumens), on a per watt basis than incandescent or halogen flashlights.An internal lithium ion battery, delivers stored power to illuminate for 1.5+ hours on full charge. Lithium ion batteries hold their charge longer than alkaline or nickel metal hydride batteries, so HID is ready for use even when stored for long periods of time. Designed for law enforcement, border patrol, search & rescue, maritime interdiction, and long-range target identification, this HID Flashlight is ideal for recreational activities too, such as camping, hunting, hiking, aviation, or as an emergency light anywhere. This 20W HID rechargeable Flashlight is more powerful and rugged than ordinary flashlights. They have no filament to break when dropped or jarred and the HID metal halide bulb has a life span in excess of 2000+ hours. Protective rubber lens & end caps help with shock absorption. HID Flashlight is a self defense tool as well, if shined in an adversaries eyes, its powerful and bright light will cause disorientation. The end cap houses the charger receptacle for convenient access for charging. This HID set comes with 90V AC-264V DC charger that can be used anywhere in the world, and for maximum versatility.The battery has a life span of 500+ charges and is easily changed with backup battery should longer burn times be required. HID light carries a one (1) year warranty on the lamp, ballast, battery, on/off switch, & chargers, with a life time warranty on the light body.Key Fetures One mode20W, last 60 MinFlashlight ColorSilver Lumin1400 Lumin 6000K white and Yellow Filter Distance500 meter Li battery2200mAh, more than 500 times life Dimension(mm)300(L), Head79mm, Torch39mm WaterproofIPX3 (not allow dip into water) Silver Aluminum Box One Kit Equipment1 flashlight, 100V-240V charger, Li-battery, Car charger, Strap, Yellow filter, Aluminum boxSpecial design on head so that it look like a fire-torchOther Features:Instant on less than 8 sec. to full brightness & Hot re-strikeEasy access charger plug located in end capOver charge protectionStrap and Case for easy carry and protectionCorrosion resistant extruded aluminumProtective rubber lens & end caps to absorb shock . High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps include these types of electrical lampsmercury vapor, metal halide (also HQI), high-pressure sodium (Son), low-pressure sodium (Sox) and less common, xenon short-arc lamps. The light-producing element of these lamp types is a well-stabilized arc discharge contained within a refractory envelope (arc tube) with wall loading in excess of 3 W/cm^2Compared with fluorescent and incandescent lamps, HID lamps produce a far higher quantity of light per unit area of lamp package.HID lamps produce light by striking an electrical arc across tungsten electrodes housed inside a specially designed inner fused quartz or fused alumina tube. This tube is filled with both gas and metals. The gas aids in the starting of the lamps. Then, the metals produce the light once they are heated to a point of evaporation, forming a plasma.ApplicationsHID lamps are typically used when high levels of light over large areas are required, and when energy efficiency and/or light intensity are desired. These areas include gymnasiums, large public areas, warehouses, movie theaters, outdoor activity areas, roadways, parking lots, and pathways. More recently, HID lamps, especially metal halide, have been used in small retail and residential environments. HID lamps have made indoor gardening practical, especially for plants that require a good deal of high intensity sunlight, like vegetables and flowers. They are also used to reproduce tropical intensity sunlight for indoor Aquariums.Some HID lamps such as Mercury Vapor Discharge produce large amounts of UV radiation and therefore need UV-filters to block that radiation. In the last few years there have been several cases of faulty UV-filters, causing people to suffer severe sunburn and Arc eye. Regulations may now require guarded lamps or lamps which will quickly burn out if their outer envelope is broken.Recently, HID lamps have gained use in motor-vehicle headlamps. This application has met with mixed responses from motorists, mainly in response to the amount of glare that HID lights can cause. Internationalised European vehicle regulations require such headlamps to be equipped with lens cleaners and an automatic self-levelling system to keep the beams aimed correctly regardless of vehicle load and attitude, but no such devices are required in North America, where inherently more glaring beam patterns are also permitted.HID lamps are used in high-end bicycle lighting as front headlamps. They are desirable because they produce much more light than a halogen lamp of the same wattage. Halogen lights appear somewhat yellow in color; HID bicycle lights look faintly blue-violet. As the HID lights use less than half the wattage of an equivalent halogen light, it allows much lighter batteries to be used.HID lamps are also being used on many general aviation aircraft for landing and taxi lights.

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