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3.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 – Lithium Iron Phosphate (DGR)


Why LiFePO4 Battery?Safety and Eco-Friendly—Li-Phosphate material has much better thermo-resistance capability; does not explode under extreme conditions. It has complete Eco-Friendly chemistry vs. poisonous LeadAcid and Ni-MH.Performance and Stability—Much higher instantaneous power output than conventional batteries. These battery life-cycles are about 5 years in normal operationCost-Effective —Much cost-effective comparing with conventional battery in terms of costs of expensive controller system and professional maintenance tasks. Great Consistency–We match them before delivery ModelSE100AHANominal CapacityAh 100 Nominal Voltage(v) 3.2Internal Impendance(1khz AC ,m) 0.9Charging Cut-off Voltage(CCCV Model,V) 3.6Discharging Cut-off Voltage(v) 2.5Recommend Charging-Discharging Current(0.3C,A) 30Maximum short-tine Discharging Current (period10s,A) 800Life Cycle(0.3C Charging-discharging,80%DDC) 2000Operating Thermal AmbientCharging045Discharging-2055 Storage Thermal Ambient-2045Weight(kg) 3.2??0.1kgShell Material Plastic EV ApplicationsApplied motorcycles38 Pieces of 100Ah Cells Standard Speed 80km/h Mileage Per Charge 120-130km Gradeability20% Acceleration Performance 10s 0-80km/h Voltage Plateau 120V Motor Power 8.5kW Load Weight450kg Common Charging Time 3-4h Battery DimensionsDischarge Curve

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