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AT: 24V 13000mAh Square NiMH Battery for E-Bikes, Scooters and Robots with Bare Leads


24 V 13000 mAh NiMH battery pack Ideal for DC Power Supply for scooter, robot, E-Bikes and any 24V DC device with less than 13A discharging current requirement. Made with 20 F size 13000mAh TENERGY high power NiMH Batteries. Extra battery pack protection with high temperature and high strength PVC wrap 6 months warranty.Technical SpecificationsVoltage24V Maximum discharging current(Battery pack will not be able to sustain high current. We are not responsible for any damage caused by over-use)- Continuous10Amp- Peak short time20Amp Battery20 NIMH F cells DimensionsHeight 90mm; Width 130mm; Length 162mmBattery Configuration:4 rows:4×5 batteries Weight10.5 Lb.WARNING:Don’t subject battery to too high current drain (>10A for continuous use) Don’t drain the voltage to below 20V Internal over-discharging protection can shut down and power. If you can not accept power off in your applications, please don’t use this pack Don’t connect mutliple these battery packs to increasepack votlage or capacity Don’tmake changes to battey packs and chargers. Any alteration will VOID the warranty from us.

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