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AT: 48V 13000mAh NIMH Battery Pack


Tenergy high voltage and high capacity 48V NIMH 13,000mAh. (13 Ah) rechargeable battery pack Made of 40 high quality Tenergy brand F size NiMH 13,000mAh batteries NIMH Batteries offer memory free operation and can be charged at any status.Idealfor power intensive deviceslike E-bike, Communication, Power Stations, Radios andAudios,Boom Boxes, Remote Control Cars, and much more.Perfect for portable or emergency power source for Medical applications, Sounds. transportation, communication and power tools.Manufactured under ISO9001 and tested tested based on International Electronic Commission (IEC) standard to ensure capacity, quality and life timeTechnical Specifications NIMH 48 V working voltage.Made by 40 high quality Tenergy F cellsStandard discharging rate (1C)5-10Amp (Recommended and warranted)Discharging:- Highest Discharging rate for continuous running10Amp – Max. Dischargingrate for short time15Amp Charging:- Rapid Charging2 hours at0.5 C (7A current) rate with auto cut off device-Standard Chargingat1.4 A current for 10 Hrs Dimension:266 mm Length. x164 mm Width x 91 mm HeightWith 16 AWG 200oC and 600V heavy wires Weight:20 lbsOrdering Instruction This is a customized pack. Contact us for technical and application discussion.

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