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Bantam e-Station CheckMaster II -4K Heli Tach!


Detailed Description Specification Servo tester ATV 10 ~ 100% manual/auto900 ~ 1500 ~ 2100usProp RPM tachometer Up to 34000 RPM 1 to 6 blades 10 data memoriesRotor blade tachometer 800~4000RPM 10 data memoriesTemperature sensor 0 to 120 degree C On-board batteryNiMH 4.8V, 1000mAhWeight 210gDimension 80x113x28 mm – Precision pulse generator to test servosYou can test any brands of servo by movement, deflections, neutral point and band width.It does not need battery to operate servo.It shows the electric current to operate the servo simultaneously.This feature is very helpful to choose an appropriate RX battery for your model by adding all current load of servos. – Propeller tachometerPrecision optical tachometer up to 6 blads and 34000RPM.Up to 10 incidental RPM can be stored to the memory. – Rotor blade tachometerPrecision tachometer up to 4000RPM. Rotating-drum type slit syncronize system.Up to 10 incidental RPM can be stored to the memory. – Temperature sensor Solid-state temperature sensor by contacting the material being checked. – Back-light LCD screen You can adjust the brightness of LCD display – Automatic power off and back-light offTo prevent from wasting the energy, the power will go off when there is no action for 10 minutes.The back-light will go off in 1 minutes if you do nothing with the unit. Additional Information Checkmaster II Manual

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