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Combo: Tenergy TN157 8-Bay AA/AAA Battery Charger + 2 Card AA & 2 Card AAA Centura Batteries

Combo Includes 1 x TN157 Fast Battery Charger & Adapter2 x Cards of Centura LSD AA Batteries (8 batteries) 2 x Cards of Centura LSD AAA Batteries (8 batteries)Tenergy TN157 8-Cells AA/AAA NiMH/NiCd Fast Battery Charger Fast ChargingNoteExtremely fast charge rate increases heat which in turn reduces battery life in the long run.TN157 is tuned for an optimal fast rate that still preserves & maintains long battery life, which lets you use your batteries for more cycles. Compatible with any NiMH or NiCD AAA/AA Battery Brands8 Charging Slotscapable of charging 1-8 batteries at a time; great for users with a lot of batteries Independent Channels with individual LED Display – no requirement to charge in pairs like less expensive chargersLED Indicator for proper charge, discharge & trickle charge (see table below)Intelligent microprocessor controlledWith negative delta V cut-off function — for automated chargingNi-MH batteries can be mixed to charge at the same time Press and hold refresh button to start/stop refresh batteries Temperature sensors to avoid the battery from being damaged by over-heating (Max55C)Mechanical & electrical protection against wrong/reverse polarityMaximum charging timer control (8 hours) for overcharge protectionShort circuit protectionBad battery or Alkaline battery detectionCharger InputDC12V 1000mACharger OutputDC 1.2V AA 500mA x 8 AAA 300mA x8 Applicable battery type1.2V AA/AAA NiMH/NiCd batteryCharge Rate AA Sizes — approx. 500mah per hour AAA Sizes — approx. 300mah per hourAdapter Input100-240v AC (Works Everywhere in the World)Adapter Output12v DC Easy-to-Read LED IndicatorsLED Color Status Red Charging Green Full and on trickle charge Red flash Discharging Green flash Bad/wrong battery Download product (TN157) instruction manual here.Centura Low Self-Discharge AA & AAA Batteries Capacity2,000mAh (AA); 800mAh (AAA) Weight per cell1.1oz (AA); 0.4oz (AAA)Other NiMH Rechargeable Battery Combos Also Available Looking for AA Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking for AAA Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking for C Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking for D Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking for Mix of Various Size Battery Combo Kits? Click Here Looking for Charger Combo Packages? Click Here

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