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Protection Circuit Module (PCB) for 11.1V Li-Ion Battery Pack 5A Working (5.7A cut-off) w/ Gas Gauge Port


ItemContentCriteriaOver Charge ProtectionOver Charge Detection Voltage4.35??0.025VOver Charge Release Voltage4.15??0.05VOver Discharge ProtectionOver Discharge Detection Voltage2.4??0.08VOver Discharge Release Voltage3.0??0.1VRated Discharge Current5AOver Current ProtectionOver Current Detection Current5.7-7.7ARelease ConditionCut LoadDetection Delay Time8.0-16.0msShort Circuit ProtectionShort ProtectionImplementedRelease ConditionCut LoadInterior ResistanceP+, P- Conduction ResistanceVC=4.2V, RDS60mCurrent ConsumptionCurrent Consumed in normal Operation30A MaxDimension50 x 16 x 1.1 mmApplication Notes Do not subject the PCB to input voltage over 20V. Input voltage over 20V will damage the PCB. Please use the compatible charger for your battery pack. Pay special attention to your input and output voltage current to avoid PCB damage. When mixing over-charged batteries and over-discharged batteries together, PCB will be in dual state of over-charging and over-discharging. In this situation, charging and dis-charging are both disabled. Internal static charge protection circuit built into the PCB. However, do not subject the PCB to high static charge to avoid damage. Without the written agreement from us, please don’t use this PCB for application in medical instruments, emergence devices, auto and airspace vehicles or other device that might have impact on human body.Because of thevery high energy density, Li-Ion Battery pack must be connected to a protection circuit module to prevent accidental battery explosion caused by over-charging or over-discharging.

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