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Protection Circuit Module (PCB) for 7.2V Li-ion 18650 / 18500 Battery Packs 3.5A Working (5A cut-off) w/ Gas Gauge port


Protection Circuit Board for 7.4V Li-ion and Li-polymer battery packDesigned for 7.4V Li-ion or Li-Polymer 2 cells battery packIntegrate gas gauge portPrevents 7.4V Li-ion or Li-polymer battery from over-charging, over-discharging. Fully Compatible with both Li-ion and Li-Polymer cells Adopt RICOH 5460 protection IC Adopt A0 8822 MOSFET**NoteWhile this PCB has a gas gauge port, the gas gauge itself is not included.SpecificationsPCB Specifications(32056) ParameterMinimumTypicalMaximumUnitsOvercharge Detection VoltageThreshold*4.2254.2504.275VOvercharge Release VoltageThreshold* DetectionDelay0.71.01.3sec.Over-Discharge Detection VoltageThreshold* Release VoltageThreshold* DetectionDelay89128167msec.Over-Current DetectionThreshold5.06.58.0AShort CircuitProtectionImplemented/ActivePCB Internal Resistance (fromP+ to P-)3040m?SupplyCurrent8??AOperating TemperatureRange-4085??CStorage TemperatureRange-40125??C *NoteIndividual cellvalues. PCBDimensions Length28.8mm0.5mmWidth14.8mm0.5mmThickness1.9mm (3.8mm at connector)0.5mm Connection Illustration CautionsBecause of thevery high energy density, Li-Ion Battery pack must be connected to a protection circuit module to prevent accidental battery explosion caused by over-charging or over-discharging.

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