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Tenergy Universal Smart 3A Battery Charger (Hybrid): 7.2V – 12V


Specification:Rated output voltage17.8V 0.2V Output voltage7 V DC ~ 18.5V DC Battery capacity extend0.8Ah ~ 15Ah (1A current)1.6Ah ~ 30Ah (2A current)2.4Ah ~ 45Ah (3A current) Number of cells6-10 NiMH/NiCD cells in series Charge current3A 0.2A / 2A 0.1A / 1A 0.1A Max. delivered power54W Rated AC input100~240VAC 50/60Hz Input voltage90~264VAC Rated input current0.55Arms (220VAC input and full load) Max. input power68W Accessories Included 1 standard Tamiya Female connector. Alligator clips (red + black). Temperature sensor (NTC) cable.Caution The charger is designed for indoor use only. Don’t leave the charger unattended during charging.The Charger should be positioned horizontally and work in well ventilated condition, avoid water and keep away from flammable explosive goods.Don’t cover the charger when charging, ambient temperature shall not be more than 40oCDon’t touch the plug.Don’t leave the batteries and chargers on wood surface or carpet.Cut off the power supply before connect or disconnect the charger with batteries.Don’t try to disassemble the charger, High voltage inside, danger!Download product manual here.

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